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The revolution has begun, and the people will be heard, “We want more mixed games in Australia!” … The Mixed Games Academy has completed three tours so far (Brisbane, Sydney and Gold Coast), we have crowned 23 event champions and three “Player of the Series” winners.

Our total entries across all series of 552 may appear modest in the NLH world, however, this is combatted by the 23 different poker variants we have spread across our events. What!!!! Say that again! Talk dirty to me! … Twenty-three-different-Poker-variants. I didn’t stutter, you heard correctly. Some of these mixes have never been played in a tournament anywhere in the world and 80% have never, ever, been played inside or outside a casino in the southern hemisphere!

The option of mixed games in Australia is as exciting for Poker in 2023 as the Poker boom was following Hachem’s win at the WSOP in 2005. 

Where else do you see three Aussie Poker Hall of famers battling it out in $350-$1200 tournaments? Gary Benson, Graeme Putt and Grant Levy, having amassed almost $6M in prize money between them, mixing it with the kids in the mixed game streets!

Pictured above, Grant Levy (left) and Gary Benson (right) heads up in Sydney, 2023.

It isn’t surprising to see at least one of these gentlemen in the top spots of stats with Gary holding the record for most cashes (10) and being awarded over $28k in prize money so far!

Grant Levy has also cashed multiple times with 6 recorded, as has Melbourne’s own Joan Allen, who has been consistent every series in showing the boys how to play! Joan currently holds two titles, six cashes and almost $18,000 in prize money for her efforts! 

Some other contenders to keep an eye on include MGA’s “pin up boy” Lucas Durante, with one title, five cashes and almost $19,000 in prize money.

Pictured above, Lucas Durante, Gold Cost series 2023.

Sal Ribbera, not only holds an Aussie Millions mixed game title in H.O.R.S.E., but also an MGA title, five cashes and just under $17.5k in prize money so far.

Eugene “Trix” Portlen has made the brag board for his two titles and narrowly misses the top five cashes with around $14.5k in his back pocket.

There is a lot of talent on the list still to rise to the top and I’m sure you’ll start seeing some other familiar names on the brag board soon!

I would like to make a special mention of the past “Player of the Series” award recipients. This is based on the most consistent player across each series and determined by a very powerful abacus 🧮 calculating the average height of players on each table, the arm reach of our tallest and shortest dealer divided by the average number of ice cubes in a Canadian club and soda … 

For those that don’t believe me, well played, we do, however, calculate the points system based on a buy-in and total runners multiple, with players “in the money” being awarded points. At the end of the series, the guy or girl with the most points wins! Simple really, just play well and play everything! 

The POTS is a bragging rights award, MGA do not take anything out of the prize pools for this prestigious, coveted trophy and title.

I would like to congratulate the following Player of the Series winners:

Dan Mayoh – Series 1, Brisbane

Dan’s performance at the inaugural MGA Brisbane championships in January this year saw him with 4 cashes for $9,000 which was enough to secure the victory. This POTS competition went right down to the last event (as they all have) where Ashwin being eliminated in fifth secured the victory for Dan to take the win (ultimately finishing 4th in the same event).

Grant Levy, Series 2, Sydney 

Grant had a very impressive series with 6 cashes, 2 titles (Triple Deuce & $800 – 8-game), and ITM finishes for 3rd, 4th and two 2nd places. Grant cashed $14,070 for his first MGA series, a very handy result. 

Tony Seremet, Series 3, Gold Coast 

Tony came in like a wrecking ball! Placing 3rd in the first event and then backing that up with a win in the T.E.R.O.S. Event 2. Tony went on to cash in 4th place of the PLO8 & No Limit 2-7 Single Draw as well as finding himself another title when being crowned the Main Event champion of the 10 game rotation. Tony banked $17,490 across the 8 events he played and well deserved the title of ‘Player of the Series’.

MGA Sponsor shout-out

A big thanks to Andrew ‘Maddog’ Shanahan, offical sponsor of MGA and unluckiest Mixed Game Player in the room. If it wasn’t for luck, every title would be in his hands. Andrew is the founder and Managing Director of Andrew’s Airport Parking, Busy Beaver Airport Parking and Big Boy Car Rentals. If you are travelling for work or pleasure and need assistance in Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane then be sure to check out the kind offers from Andrew’s group when booking your next getaway.

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