Event 7 – 10 Game

We reached the business end of the series with our main event, a $1,200 buy-in 10 game rotation which is the standard 8 game disciplines PLUS No Limit 2-7 Single Draw and Badugi (the often forgotten about draw game).

Badugi is another lowball draw variant where each player receives four cards face down in the initial deal and have the option to discard any number of them in three separate discard rounds. There are four betting rounds, one on the initial deal and then before each discard opportunity.

To have the “nuts” you would need to hold Ace, 2, 3, 4 rainbow (one of each suit) – you cannot have a Badugi with a paired hand – that is what is known as a two or three card in the biz … so four unique cards one of each suit will make a Badugi. You do not need a Badugi to “qualify” you can showdown three or even two suits at showdown to claim the pot if you hold the best hand. Like any form of poker, when things go well its a great game but when they don’t go so well, its a cruel game!

We managed 9 entries for this main event with a prize pool of over $9,000 and paid the top two as follows:

1st – Gary Benson $6,000

2nd – Grant Levy $3,235

Both Grant and Gary are Aussie Poker Hall of Fame members and have been battling it out at the top end of most of these tournaments with both gentlemen in contention for the “Player of the Series” award which comes with a trophy and $3,000 cash (no funds deducted from prize pool, players volunteer to pay $600 each to be eligible for cash prize). 

Our last event on Sunday 26th march will be No Limit 2-7 Single Draw and while this is a smaller buy-in at $300 the POTS prize of $3,000 will see this battled until the end.

Get in the mix, it’s good for your soul!

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