Ready to mix it up Sydney?

After MGA’s first successful series in Brisbane now wrapped up we are ready and raring to mix things up in Sydney where we will again be joining the Australian Poker Tour for a massive 9 days of poker!

MGA will be bringing you 8 action packed days with 8 events that we will unpack here:

Event 1 – T.H.O. & R.S.E.

This is a new spin on a current favourite where we separate the acronym of THEROS into two distinct flights:

Flight A – Sunday 19/3 @ 1pm

T.H.O. – 2-7 Triple draw, Holdem and Omaha hi/lo – 8 or better

The three “blinds” games

Flight B – Sunday 19/3 @ 730pm

R.S.E. – Some triple stud action for this flight including Razz, Stud and Stud hi/Lo – 8 or better

The three “Stud” games

At the end of each flight the surviving players will bag up and come back Monday at noon and play down to a winner.


Can you play both flights?

YES! Absolutely you can and your combined chip stacks will be waiting for you on Monday if you are lucky enough to survive both flights!

What will we play on Monday?

On Monday we will reconstruct the acronym “T.H.E.R.O.S.” and play down to a winner!

Event 2 – H.E.R.O.S.

Another fixed limit rotation of games, formerly known as H.O.R.S.E., a new spin on an old favourite!

This rotation always draws a crowd.

Event 3 – Triple Deuce

Another first for Australia, spreading three specific 2-7 games into the one tournament where we cover fixed limit, pot limit and no limit!

Event 4 – 8 Game 

Another favourite amongst both new and old school players. This rotation has been played for the longest time and is a great conduit for players looking to enhance their mixed game skills as it includes familiar variants including Limit & No-limit Holdem, PLO and Omaha (albeit the hi/lo – 8 or better variety)!

Throw in 2-7 Triple draw and triple stud ie. Razz, Stud & Stud 8 and we have a very attractive 8 game rotation!

Event 5 – 8 Game

This event has been ‘price slashed’ to assist the price conscience beginner, the full mixed game experience including a trophy and bragging rights!

Event 6 – 9 Game

Adding No limit 2-7 Single draw to the 8 game mix and re-arranging the rotation to give it the WSOP ‘poker players championship’ feel. The next step toward enlightenment and rounding out your game!

Event 7 – 10 Game

Yet another first on Aussie shores, this is the biggest rotation ever played and will include the 9 game rotation plus the often forgotten about cousin “Badugi”.

Event 8 – No limit 2-7 Single draw

To finish off the week we have scheduled another No limit 2-7 Single draw event which proved very successful in Brisbane and drew a lot of interest from the NLH wizards who brought all of their bluffing and edge from the Holdem streets into this old school “risk it all anytime” variant.

Player of the series

We will again be running a ‘Player of the series” competition which is open to all players in any MGA event. There are two components to this competition:

  1. Free to enter – everyone has a chance to win the trophy and bragging rights.
  2. Optional “buy-in” with a cash prize at the end of the series for top place getters. In Brisbane the buy-in to this was $600 with 13 entrants – top 3 paid. Details of Sydney proposed structure will be advised soon. Please reach out to me personally if you are interested in entering the paid version (no admin fees charged).

Please note that NO fees are taken from the prizepool of any events for trophy or POS prize pools. There is no admin fee payable for POS ‘cash prize’ competition.

Looking forward to seeing you all at The Cube from 19-26 March!

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