Event 3 – Triple Deuce

The rotations of this game were quite simple, it would all be 2-7 with three separate betting structures:

⁃ Fixed Limit triple draw
⁃ Pot limit triple draw
⁃ No limit single draw

Fo those not familiar with the game, it is played with blinds and antes for the Pot limit & No limit variants, each player is dealt 5 cards face down. Each player is then given a certain number of ‘draws’ where they can discard up to 5 cards either once (single draw No limit variant) or three times (fixed limit and pot limit triple draw). Each player is trying to make a best possible ‘low’ hand where 2,3,4,5,7 (rainbow) is the nuts. In this game, you do NOT want to make a hand, you win by having the weakest hand at showdown, therefore hands like pairs straights, flushes etc actually work against you. The other thing to remember is the Aces are ALWAYS high, they never play low in 2-7.

This is a rotation for the lowball lovers, and the cream really did rise to the top on this one!

You couldn’t make up a better heads up battle, with two Australian Hall of Fame Poker playing legends in the field both Grant Levy and Gary Benson were going to battle this all the way with neither willing to give up pots without a fight.

To put this into perspective these two gentlemen having been crushing the Poker scene for many years and have, according to Hendon Mob, amassed around $5,000,000 in live tournament earnings (close to half of that each). Both Gary and Grant play games with higher buy-ins than the total prize pool of this event, regularly. This wasn’t about the money, its honour and a deep respect for the game we play. Every pot was contested, every chip earned and, in the end, the title of Triple Deuce Champion would be well earned by Grant Levy, adding a comparatively small amount of actual prize money to his results resume, but a title in an event never played on Australian soil, ever.

This specialised event didn’t have the same following as other mixed events and saw a total of 9 entries, with payouts as follows:

1st – Grant Levy $3,000
2nd – Gary Benson $1,620

This win gives Grant a very nice lead in the POS standings (see table below) where he stands a chance to add a further $3,000 in winnings to his results from this mixed game festival.

Player of the series update:

  1. Grant Levy *165.40
  2. Anson Zhou *82.80
  3. Graeme Bennett *70.40
  4. Matthew Ginn *62.10
  5. Gary Benson *60.00
  6. Joan Allen *52.80
  7. Maddog Shanahan *51.75
  8. Leigh Rolfe *35.20

(* points tally)

Today we turn our attention to the first of two 8 game mixes, details as follows:

When: Wednesday 22nd March, 2pm
Buy-in: $800 (admin fee 14.5%)
Start Stack: 30,000
Blinds: 25 mins
Re-entries: Until start on level 9 (approximately 5:30pm)
Games: Limit 2-7 Triple Draw, H.E.R.O.S., NLH, PLO

We have a full schedule of mixed games for you this week including another 8 game at a lower price point for those wanting to dip their toes in the water at a $350 buy-in. We are also running a $900 – 9 Game, our Main event $1,200 – 10 Game and we finish off the week with a No Limit 2-7 Single draw tournament late Sunday afternoon.

Get in the mix! It’s good for your soul!!!

📌 Schedule and structures: https://bit.ly/3ypNEYG
📌 Sponsors page: http://bit.ly/3Q8qZYW
📌 Results and Blog: http://bit.ly/3YlLwMM

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