Mix it Up?

You are here because you know it’s time, it’s time to join the revolution! The revolution that is mixed game variants covering draw, flop and stud games. Everyone is used to at least one or two variants already, these are most likely no limit Holdem and, perhaps, pot limit Omaha (for the not faint of heart d-gens amongst you). These are what we classify (in the biz!) as “big bet” games where at any time you can you bet all, or a substantial portion, of your stack.

Mixed games will cover everything, big bet (no limit and pot limit) as well as fixed limit betting game variations.

There are three categories of game types covered:


As per the name, the game type allows a certain number of draws and discards. The games covered in the initial training modules will include:

  • Badugi (limit, triple draw)
  • Ace to five (limit, triple draw)
  • Deuce to seven (limit, triple draw)
  • Deuce to seven (single draw no limit)

There are various other variations of draw games, click below for a complete list of MGA approved spread of draw games coming to a tournament near you during 2023!

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These games are an extension of what you are already used to if you play no limit holdem and pot limit Omaha. A particular number of cards will be dealt in the initial deal and the game will progress, based on the betting structure, followed by flop, turn and river.

The following games will be discussed in greater detail:

  • Limit Holdem
  • Omaha hi/lo 8 or better (limit)
  • Pot limit Omaha

No limit Holdem will probably not be discussed.

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We will be playing the seven card stud style games with fixed betting limits. The initial deal will consist of the first three streets and decisions are made from that point as to whether you continue to play and see up to another 4 streets until showdown.

Seven card stud variants have 5 streets of betting options. In comparison, a flop game has four streets of betting as does triple draw variants.

The 3 stud variants discussed and played will initially consist of:

  • Seven card stud
  • Razz
  • Seven card stud hi/lo 8 or better

The differences between the games will be discussed in greater detail in the Academy training but are summarised as High, Low (no qualifier) and High/Low with an 8 or better qualifier.

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Academy Training

If we still have you attention and you are keen to learn more then please don’t hesitate to contact us for details of when the next academy training will be held in your state or online.